Hello, thanks for stopping by! I'm Martin and I'm a musician, web designer/developer and English teacher. I hope you like what you see

Work Experience

Date Occupation Responsibilities Employer
Sep-2010 to Jan-2014 Music teacher and musician Website and blog maintenance. Technology advisor and PC technical support Music and English teahcer. Website administrator. Computers & logistics technical support. School show organizer. La Petite Ecole Bilingue Stewart International School.
Sep-2010 to Jan-2014 English teacher and ITC Teach attended and on-line courses, and technical support over windows operating systems Alianza Uruguay Estados Unidos.
Sep-2010 to Jan-2014 Music and English teacher Teach language and music Train beginner musicians to play together in a band or individually Public schools in Uruguay | Churches | EMA (Military school of pilots) | Music institutes | Private lessons

Education and training

Here are the different courses I have taken and that I am still taking

Additional information


  Level International
Spanish Mother Tongue C2
English Advanced (Speaking and writing) C2
French High Intermediate B2


Here are some links to websites I worked in, or built entirely

http://visitparisinfo.com/This is built with Boostrap and it has an embeded blog with WordPress
http://musictutorials.net/ This site is also built with Boostrap and has a blog with WordPress (still under construction)
http://parisatshuttle.com/ Site build in regular html / css and php ( I created all the mobile site) Nowadays, I am in charge of its entire mantainance
http://allianceshuttle.com/ Mantainance mainly
http://prestigeatshuttle.com/Mantainance mainly
http://stewartintschool.com/ I collaborated in its design and mantainance. I no longer work for them.
Music rehearsal with the children Music teacher work

Work references

Gareth Parsons (English Primary teacher) +33 6 07 37 57 64
Camille Saran (French Primary teacher) +33 6 29 93 36 03
Nisha Edirisinhe (Kindergarten teacher) +33 6 51 31 96 76
Tiffany Smith (English Department Coordinator and teacher) +33 6 61 70 20 03

Personal references

Angela Gnazzo: +33 6 33 18 00 62 (French and Spanish speaker)
David Zina: +33 6 23 84 75 21 (French and English speaker)
Tiffany Smith +33 6 61 70 20 03 (French and English speaker)